Justin Verlander 0-6 with 6.07 ERA at the World Championships

AL Cy Young’s potential winner wasn’t great in the first game of the World Championshipspicture: Getty Images Justin Verlander has a great chance of winning the American League Cy Young this year. He put together a dominant season – at age 39 – after recovering from Tommy John’s surgery and helped lead the Houston Astros … Read more

Phillies in the Astros, Game 1

With none of the championship series running for very long, this post-season has been paused for several days, but the break means that both world championship fighters You had plenty of time to rest and reset. 1 game between Philadelphia Phyllis And the Houston Astros Friday evening starts at 8:03 p.m. ET. For those unfamiliar … Read more

Phillies Mailbag: World Edition 2022

For the first time: Mailbag 97.3 ESPN Phillies … World Series Edition. Velez heads to the big stage to face the Houston Astros. Given their past, should the Phillies (a team the Astros don’t play much over the years) be concerned about the Astros’ tag-stealing issues? Or is this a thing of the past?~ pat … Read more

Is winning the Astros World Championship inevitable? Within their quest for perfection

NEW YORK – It’s hard Houston Astros A team, sharpened after years of hearing every humiliation imaginable, exists as flies for the stinging sake, living the life of an enduring villain. It’s something that, now, everyone who wears the costume understands that they can’t be diminished, because at this point, the narratives that surround them … Read more

Astros beat Yankees to reach fourth world championship in 6 years

NEW YORK – The Houston Astros freight train will move to the World Championships. Houston swept the New York Yankees on Sunday night, winning Game 4 6-5 in a back-and-forth battle as New York battled to try to extend their season another night. So far this postseason, the Astros have not lost, winning all three … Read more