The slave drama is as shallow as the Louisiana Bay

(LR: Will Smith and Ben Foster in Release picture: Courtesy of Apple TV+ This is just speculation, but the cast and crew ReleaseAntoine Fuqua’s haunting Louisiana bayou masquerading as a Civil War slave drama, may have worked its way through mud and mud assuming they were crafting a prestige picture with the 2013 Oscar-winning arrangement. … Read more

Fenton’s first book, This Isn’t My Cat, has been released internationally

Stephanie “Stephanie” Holcomb is a local real estate agent and actor/director/publicist for Showtimers, the theater group in southwest Roanoke County. Cleverly, she managed the publicity for one of their shows by inviting local DJs, news anchors, politicians, and columnists to play a minor role. This is how she became “Officer Pudney” for Showtimers production of … Read more

EPA: Louisiana may have discriminated against black communities facing air pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said in a letter Wednesday that Louisiana may have discriminated against black communities living near sources of air pollution in the state. In the letter to leaders of the state’s Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and the Department of Health (LDH), the federal agency specifically raised concerns about residents living … Read more