Cambodian officials, environmentalists call for end to wildlife consumption – Xinhua

An image released by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) on October 26, 2020, shows an Eld deer in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Cambodia. (Eleanor Briggs/WCS/Bulletin via Xinhua) The Zero Wild Meat campaign will be launched this year and will partner with restaurants and food outlets to pledge their commitment to Zero Wild … Read more

October 6: National Hockey League news report

The striker scored at 11:55 of the second half with Ottawa’s third goal. He had assists in the first half. The upper line of senators (Stutzle, Brady TkachukAnd the Drake PattersonTotal six points (three goals, three assists). Anton Forsberg Make 20 saves. Claude Giroud He scored the green goal for Ottawa at 8:02 of the … Read more

September 26: National Hockey League news report

The 18-year-old left winger had one shot on target at 16:59 of ice time. “It was great and I’m sure it will only be better and better, like when the season starts (October 12), but it was fantastic,” said Slavkowski. “It was definitely faster, but those are little things. I’ll get used to it.” “I’ve … Read more

September 25: National Hockey League news report

Gaudreau, who signed a seven-year, $68.25 million ($9.75 million average annual value) contract with Blue Jackets on July 13, helped achieve goals 1:04 spaced apart in the second half. Patrick Lin (8:03) and Jacob Voracek (9:07) which gave Columbus a 3-0 lead. Goudreau said about Lin and Kent Johnson. “They are skillful players, they are … Read more