Business Mentor: How To Keep Accelerating Your Business

There are two types of entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur A is someone who never stops exploring non-innovative ways to grow their business constantly. Entrepreneur B is the person who tirelessly talks about many ideas but makes no effort to take the first step. Who do you think will thrive? Of course, Entrepreneur A is more likely to … Read more

Layoffs are mounting, and Main Street still can’t get anyone to take jobs

A “Hiring Now” sign is displayed in the window of an IN-N-OUT fast food restaurant in Encinitas, Calif., May 9, 2022. Mike Blake | Reuters When it comes to salary, small business owners generally don’t play in the same league as large corporations. It’s even more difficult now in a tight labor market with higher … Read more

Vanuatu skills development program ‘enables’ returning seasonal workers to grow small businesses

After nine years of flying back and forth between New Zealand and Vanuatu, Roy Tenning is hoping his next overseas booking will be his regular vanilla export. The former recruit is one of more than 30 graduates of Yumi Growem Vanuatu, a job skills and financial training course for former seasonal workers. Tenning said the … Read more

3 companies you can start with $50 or less

In 2018, I started trying the side business of paying off my $40,000 debt in credit cards and student loans. Today, you’ve accomplished that goal – and more. In 2021 I created enough income streams to quit my $98,500 a year engineering job and work in my business full time. I’m twenty-eight, I’m my managerI … Read more

The small business employee who often gets paid last and least

Many small business owners have trouble determining an appropriate take-home wage as the company expands, and some don’t pay themselves at all. These errors can easily come back to affect the founder and the company. Understanding how to pay yourself appropriately — even if it’s a small amount that grows over time — is important … Read more