Creighton has not won a DI National Championship. so what? Go for it

Creighton is trying to manage the high expectations of the season The hype train leaves the station. everything is ready. Conductor Guy Bellas will collect your ticket. “Creighton is a Final Four caliber team,” Bellas told the audience at the Omaha Creighton Prep earlier this week. And no one in the audience gasped when Bellas … Read more

The fluctuations of the third week of college football | Sports

With team play approaching next week, the Pac-12 teams had one last chance to prove they were ready to compete in the Champions Conference. Of the 11 teams competing on Saturday, eight won and made statements as the end of the Pac-12 pre-season drew near. Washington (3-0) knocks out Michigan State No. 11 (2-1) at … Read more