After 14 years, NATO is set to renew its pledge to Ukraine

BUCHAREST (AP) – NATO returns to the scene on Tuesday of one of its most contentious decisions, intent on repeating its pledge that Ukraine — now reeling through its tenth month of war against Russia — will one day join the world’s largest military alliance. NATO foreign ministers will meet for two days at the … Read more

Ukraine says it will look into an alleged video of prisoners being shot

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine said it would investigate video footage circulating on Russian social media that Moscow claimed showed Ukrainian forces killed Russian troops who may have been trying to surrender, after one of the men apparently refused to lay down his weapon and began by shooting. “Of course the Ukrainian authorities will investigate … Read more

Poland and NATO say the missile strike was not a Russian attack

Przyodo, Poland (AFP) – NATO member Poland and head of the military alliance said Wednesday that a missile strike on Polish farmland that killed two people appeared to have been unintentional and may have been launched by air defenses in neighboring Ukraine. Russia was bombing Ukraine at the time in an attack that attacked its … Read more