Google Flights says these are the best times to book your travel

There are many suggestions on when to book flights at the lowest price. Instead of browsing incognito or looking for super secret discounts, you can apply Google Flights Tips. These tips are the result of a study of airfares for the last five years. SAN FRANCISCO, CA – SEPTEMBER 15: A British Airways plane is … Read more

The Arizona Museum exhibit marks the end of De Kooning’s painting saga

PHOENIX (AP) – After a Willem de Kooning painting worth millions was brazenly stolen in 1985 from an Arizona museum, staff clung to hope that it would one day appear. But no one would have expected the Woman-Ocher to find her way back through the kindness of strangers in a neighboring country. “I kind of … Read more

Economy flights from Moscow to Dubai cost up to $5,000 as Russians flee

The airline industry has been hampered by a perfect storm of challenges over recent weeks, from labor shortages and supply disruptions to high fuel prices. soba pictures | Light Rocket | Getty Images Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Economy round-trip flights from Moscow to Dubai cost up to $5,000, many of which have sold out … Read more

Explainer: How the alleged conspiracy exploited the pandemic to net $250 million | Health, medicine and fitness

By Amy Forletti – The Associated Press Minneapolis (AFP) – The Department of Justice has 47 people charged in Minnesota In what prosecutors described as a $250 million plan to defraud a federal meal program. Prosecutors said only a fraction of the money went to feed the children, while the rest was laundered through shell … Read more