Team Picard confirmed they will not be returning for Season 3 –

With Star Trek: Picard Season two is now over and with main cast Star Trek: The Next Generation Coming for its third and final season (which has already been filmed), the series is saying goodbye to some of the original cast. Michael Heard (Ravi) and Jerry Ryan (Seven) Their comeback has been confirmed, but Allison Bell (Goraty) confirmed She will not return, and now more and more actors are saying goodbye.

Update: Issa Briones says goodbye

Issa Briones has played a number of roles over two seasons Star Trek: Picard. Season 2’s character Kore has been recruited to become a supervisor (by Traveler Wesley Crusher, played by Will Wheaton) and her character Suji is supposed to still be around in the 25th century, since she didn’t join the crew on a time travel adventure.

Issa Briones as Korean

On Friday, Briones posted some behind-the-scenes photos of her time on the series. Her letter spoke about her time on the series and how she was “thankful for every bit of this experience”. It ended with “Farewell Soji, this orchid is for you.”

Evan Ivagura says goodbye

Evan Evagora has been a series regular for both seasons Star Trek: PicardRomulan played the light. Season two saw the Qowat Milat warrior transition to becoming a Starfleet Academy student assigned to the USS Excelsior. Although he was killed off early in the season, he continued to come back for a number of episodes through flashbacks, visions, as a hologram, and ultimately a resurrection at the end of the season.

Jerry Ryan as Seven, Michelle Heard as Ravi and Evan Evagura at the end of Season Two

In an Instagram post, Evagora shared some behind-the-scenes stills from Season 2 and revealed, “I won’t be returning for Season 3 of Picard, so I quote a humble ensemble ‘Thanks for the memories’ Rest! LLAP”

Cabrera says it was a journey from hell

With Hurd and Ryan confirming a return to co-star Sir Patrick Stewart in season three, the only series left is Santiago Cabrera (Cristóbal Rios). For the second season, Rios was left in the 21st century with Teresa and Ricardo. Guinan gave details of his life story, including his death in a brawl in a Moroccan bar. So it seems fairly certain that he won’t come back, especially since He was filming the last season of hostess While Piccard The third season was in production.

Santiago Cabrera as Rios with Patrick Stewart at the end of Season Two

Cabrera also posted on Instagram on Thursday. He didn’t come out and say he won’t come back but said “it was a journey from hell”. He also added (in Spanish): “The last chapter of Piccard appears today. I hope you enjoy it.”

Wheaton is not part of Season 3

Wheaton’s surprise return as a traveler for Season 3 certainly opens up a lot of possibilities. However, in a A long post on his siteWheaton once again confirmed that he will not be joining TNG’s co-stars in Season 3 of Piccard:

Wesley and Core may blink out of existence and never return to the camera again. Or they may literally move to anywhere across all space and time, from Strange new worlds to Discovery to lower floors (But not for the third season of Piccard. Sorry, nerds.). I honestly don’t know what’s coming next for them in law, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take the time to think about it.

I might tell more about Wesley’s story at some point – his journey over the last 25 years or so is something I’ve spent a long time thinking about – as a writer or as an actor. Maybe both. But even if that never happens, if I can’t be Wesley Crusher on camera again, he’ll have the privilege of hosting Ready room, becoming a Starfleet veteran, member of the exclusive “Legacy Star Trek” club, and a gorgeous, unashamed fan who would take other geeks to the room in which it takes place. I celebrate everything we all love about Star Trek in all its forms, for the sake of my job.

Will Wheaton as Wesley Crusher with Isa Briones as Kore in the season 2 finale

Brady coming out early in season 3?

It’s also a good bet that recurring guest star Orla Brady doesn’t play a major role in Season 3, even though Season 2 ended with Laris finally meeting Jean-Luc Picard. Last September, a few days after production on season three (which began a day after season two ended), Brady posted on Twitter about wrapping up her work on season two, adding, “Time to take off my sweet, pointed ears.”

No word yet when the third season of Star Trek: Picard will debut.

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