Texas Homeowners Assistance Fund adds utility bill and future mortgage payments for assistance applicants

Austin, TexasAnd the 14 October 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With record temperatures across the state this year, Governor Greg Abbott The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) announced that families eligible for Texas Homeowners Assistance Program TXHAF can now apply for assistance with past and future utility payments. In addition, income-eligible families will have more time to stabilize their finances with future mortgage payments through the program.

TXHAF logo (PRNewsfoto/Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs)

TXHAF logo (PRNewsfoto/Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs)

Each eligible family can get up $65,000 In total assistance for utility bills and future mortgage payments.

“The Texas State He continues to work to ensure all Texans have the opportunity to live healthy and successful lives in our state, and through the Texas Homeowners Assistance Program, we help keep families in their homes, lights, and running water,” said Governor Abbott. “Thanks to the Department of Housing and Community Affairs. In Texans, they work tirelessly to support Texans who have experienced financial constraints in recent years. I encourage Texans who qualify for assistance to apply for this program to receive assistance with past and outstanding utility payments. “

Each family can receive up to $65,000 In total assistance, provided in the form of a grant. To be eligible, homeowners must meet the following criteria:

  • I faced qualifying financial hardship due to the pandemic afterwards January 212020, such as lost income or increased expenses

  • Overdue for one or more payments: mortgage loans, property taxes, property insurance, home/condo owner association fees, and/or utility bills

  • Have household income at or below 100% median area income (AMI) or 100% of median income for United StateWhich one is greater?

  • Own and operate a home in Texas as a primary residence

Since its launch in March, TXHAF has spent more than 175 million dollars It has helped more than 18,000 unique families. Full program details, eligibility checker, program dashboard, online application, and more are available at TexasHomeownerAssistance.com. For questions, TXHAF has a free call center available Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM By calling 833-651-3874. Help is available in multiple languages.

Utility bill help

TXHAF can cover the overdue balance due and up to three months of future payments for electricity, natural gas, propane, water and sewer utility services, up to a maximum of $10,000. In addition to TXHAF’s blanket eligibility criteria, families must have a past due utility bill within the last 45 days and must own and occupy residence at the address listed on the past due utility bill.

Eligible families can apply for utility bill assistance regardless of whether or not they are applying for mortgage forgiveness or property fee assistance. If approved, payments will be made directly to the utility vendor on behalf of the applicant in the form of a single lump sum. The $10,000 Maximum utility assistance is included in $65,000 per family cap.

Future Mortgage Payments

Families with no income or debt-to-income ratio greater than 55% who cannot continue to make their monthly mortgage payments can now qualify for a mortgage back plus up to three months of future payments, up to the household cap which is $65,000.

“We recognize that many variables can affect an individual’s ability to keep up with home-related expenses. By adding in utility bill assistance and future mortgage payments, we can give them time to seek housing advice or legal aid services, and work with the loan service to adjust it.” terms of their loan, or even finding ways to boost their income.” Bobby Wilkinsonsaid the executive director of the TDHCA. “It allows us to better meet people’s unique needs.”

About the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is committed to expanding fair housing options and opportunities for Texans by managing and financing affordable housing and home ownership opportunities, weathering, and community services with the help of for-profit foundations, nonprofit and local organizations. governments. For more information about fair housing, financing opportunities, or services in your area, please visit www.tdhca.state.tx.us or the Learn about Fair Housing in Texas page.



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Source: Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

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