The merger of the departments of public health and mental health is nearing completion

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – The new Total Health Department is just a public hearing away from formal construction, and this public hearing will be scheduled for early November.

Although the merger between the county’s Department of Public Health and the Department of Mental Health was approved by the Tompkins County Legislature in 2019, it has been sidelined by COVID-19. It was back on track earlier this year and nearing completion, and the resolution allowing a public hearing to activate the merger was passed unanimously at the Legislature’s October 17 Health and Human Services Committee meeting (meeting can be seen) over herecan be found on the agenda over here.)

“This is the formal process of bringing the two departments together, and it’s creating one new Department of Total Health,” said Director of Public Health Frank Krupa, adding that the new department “includes many of the same roles and requirements” that two departments previously held.

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