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TOhm Hanks has written a novel. Create another masterpieceThe full follow-up to the 2017 Uncommon Type short story collection will be published in May. The novel apparently spans 80 years, and relates to a comic book that was eventually made into a movie. To accompany the announcement, Hanks released a brief statement, which is Hanks deeply.

Not only does Hanks use the phrase as evidence that he knows his literary grain – at one point he literally quoted Hamlet – but he also pulls off the mother of all America’s dad moves. “I’ve made a lot of movies (and four pretty good ones, I think),” he wrote, almost certainly displaying every famous man’s understatement. Unfortunately, it also shows that Tom Hanks Not good online.

“Tom Hanks: I’ve only made four very good films in a decades long career,” an Indiewire headline popped up recently, who either made the mistake of not getting the point or really wanted some flicks. Because Tom Hanks of course made more than four good movies. It’s Tom Hanks, because he screamed out loud. The man has achieved a decades-old hit rate that every other actor on earth should be jealous of. He is a mighty man. Plus he made this new too Pinocchio movie, but maybe we shouldn’t dwell on it.

But, if the rest of the internet is around, we might as well join in. Let’s assume the truth and choose to believe that Tom Hanks loves only four of his movies. Time for some detective work.

Tom Hanks and James Belushi in the movie The Man in the Red Shoes
Hanks and James Belushi in The Man with One Red Shoe. Photo: Cinetext Group / Sportsphoto / Allstar

Certainly one movie that Hanks doesn’t mention is 1985’s The Man with One Red Shoe. He has made no secret of his disdain for Stan Dragouti’s half-baked, overcooked spy thriller. As early as 1989 was Smashing In the press, he told Playboy that “It’s not a very good movie. It doesn’t have any real, obvious focus on it. It’s not about anything special that you can honestly understand. It didn’t make any money at all.”

Nor was The Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe’s hit adaptation in 1990. Two decades after its release, Hanks discuss with Empire, by saying “Everyone was wrong, me in particular. Brian De Palma deals more with icons than filmmaking. He is the most solid filmmaker, in good or bad way, that you will ever come across.”

We can also rule out the rescue of Private Ryan (Scene after scene, Hanks told the Guardian, it’s interaction the movie ‘horrible, horrible, he should have done something else’) and Dragnet (he Claims to be “amazed and amazed” by the rap he did in the movie). And the clearly He doesn’t like the Da Vinci Code movies very much (“Yeah, that sequel to Robert Langdon is great. The Da Vinci Code was great,” because he’s a normal human with a working mind.)

So let’s get to the good stuff. Tom Hanks has only made four good movies. what are they? Fortunately, Hanks did us decency to list three of them on Bill Simmons podcast last year. These three were A League of Their Own (“Because all I did all summer is play baseball”), Castaway (“We just had some daring adventures when we were making this movie”), and Cloud Atlas (“We shot it with a hope and a dream and no Nothing but a circle of love”).

Hanks with Jim Broadbent at Cloud Atlas.
Hanks with Jim Broadbent at Cloud Atlas. Photo: Warner Bros / Sportsphoto / Allstar

It’s worth noting here that Hanks chose most of those films based on the experience of making them, rather than how they appeared. then there atlantic clouds. Tom Hanks, who was notorious at the time, seemed to have dedicated his life to saving his reputation. In his 2017 interview with The Guardian, Hanks said of the movie that it “completely changed my consciousness”, and is also “the only movie I’ve seen more than twice in it.” It is a noble campaign. More people should watch Cloud Atlas. It’s very cool.

This leaves only one mystery film. One movie that Tom Hanks ranks above all others. My firm guess is that this is what you do. Hanks not only wrote and directed it, he also starred in it, but it’s one of the films he attends on a regular basis. Discuss it extensively while appearing on Conor Ratliff Podcast Dead EyesLast year, he described it as the greatest work experience of his life.

Again, Tom Hanks has made more than four good movies, but the four above are probably his favourite. And give Cloud Atlas another shot, little kids.

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