Top analysts say buy stocks like Meta & Papa John’s

Investors have worked their way up over the past week as the major averages have swung sharply, buoyed by major inflation reports.

On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 1,500 points from its session low to its highest point of the day. The major averages made a swing on Friday, as all three indices closed with losses.

To pick the right stocks to weather this turmoil, investors will need to think beyond daily volatility and dig into the details to find long-term winners.

Here are five stocks picked by top Wall Street professionals, according to TipRanks, a platform that ranks analysts based on their past performance.

meta pads

Facebook Parent meta pads (deadExperiencing challenges. These include lower advertising revenue, higher technology costs, higher borrowing costs and a shortage of chips. However, his focus on the metaverse is keeping analysts hooked on stocks.

The company announced at its last conference Meta Connect Several major VR innovations and professional integration partnerships. The conference caught the attention of experts, many of whom believe that the number of metaverse users has not yet reached a significant figure. (We see Meta Platforms stock chart and stock technical analysis on TipRanks)

Despite speculation, Monis Crispy Hardt analyst Brian White Still optimistic. he thinks dead To be the “obvious leader in virtual reality”. White recalled an IDC report that revealed that Meta captured 90% of the global VR headset market in the first quarter of this year, thanks to its Quest 2 headset sales.

“Following years of reports that Apple has ambitions in the field of AR/VR headsets, it will be interesting to watch the leading technology players do battle in this nascent and promising market over the next decade,” White said. Target price is $230 for the company.

White is ranked 545th out of nearly 8,000 analysts tracked on the TipRanks platform. Furthermore, 54% of its ratings have managed to generate 9% average returns for each, over the past year.


Manufacturer of semiconductor and wireless communication equipment Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) is one of the leading global 5G broadband deployments underway. Moreover, with the growth prospects of the Internet of Things (IoT), the company will benefit significantly in the long run.

Apart from the Internet of Things, the company also has great opportunities for growth in the automotive technology market. The company’s Snapdragon digital architecture is a set of cloud-connected platforms that aid automotive technology such as digital cockpits and advanced driver assistance systems, which is still emerging. (We see History and history of Qualcomm’s dividend on TipRanks)

Backed by these avenues of growth, Tigress Financial Partners محلل Analyst Evan Fence Recently confirmed his buy rating for Qualcomm Target price is $238. The analyst believes that the 5G, Internet of Things and automotive markets will accelerate business performance trends and increase shareholder value in the long term.

Furthermore, Feinseth believes that ample liquidity on Qualcomm’s balance sheet allows for investments in technology innovations and key growth initiatives, “which enhance shareholder returns through periodic dividend increases and share buybacks.”

Feinseth comes at 333research and development Among the nearly 8,000 analysts tracked by TipRanks. Furthermore, 56% of its ratings have been profitable, with each rating achieving an average return of 9.5%.

papa johns

Among the other best options for analysts is The Pizza Company papa johns (PZZA). The company has been experiencing tough sales all summer, as negative customer sentiment about controversies raised by its former CEO continues to haunt the company. However, after surveying several franchises of Papa John, a BTIG analyst Peter Saleh Positively appeared about the stock’s prospects.

“We believe Papa John’s is in the middle stages of its sales and economic turnaround after controversy and negative consumer sentiment impacted the concept for more than two years, putting pressure on unit economies and store closures and necessitating financial support from the company,” Saleh said. (We see International Equity Investors at Papa John’s on TipRanks)

The analyst highlighted new leadership at the pizza company, which has put together some strategies that could lead to an overall turnaround. These strategies have already improved papa johns Operating efficiency, net unit growth, and franchise alignment, Saleh expects these improvements to continue throughout this year and the next.

The analyst has assigned a buy rating to papa johns shares, but lowered its target price from $130 to $115 based on downgraded forecasts for the next 12 months.

Saleh ranks 606 out of nearly 8,000 analysts tracked by TipRanks. Its ratings have been successful 56% of the time, with each rating having an average return of 8.8%.

Chefs Warehouse

One of Peter Saleh’s top picks is a food product distributor Chefs Warehouse (chef), which caters to fine dining restaurants, fine dining venues, hospitality venues, and specialty stores. Saleh confirmed the buy rating and price target of $48 for the Chefs after his recent release of reference data. The data indicated a slight increase in the company’s high-end restaurant category, Knapp-Track High-End Steak, in September.

The analyst believes that the reopening of offices and an increase in corporate travel during September supported this growth. Moreover, the fact that chefs It raised its full-year guidance while reporting quarterly results, just five weeks after the latest forecast was raised, giving Saleh confidence to be bullish on the stock. (We see Insider Trading Activity in Chefs Warehouse on TipRanks)

Additionally, with the return of normal seasonality after last year’s Omicron-led cancellations or postponements in events and corporate travel, Saleh expects the fourth quarter to be the strongest period of the year.

Moreover, the attractive discounted rating it has chefs Trading is another good reason to consider a stock as a buy.

“The stock is currently trading at just under 9.0 times our adjusted EBITDA estimate for 2023, well below the three- and five-year historical averages of 14.3 times and 13.8 times, respectively. While the valuation has come under pressure due to General economic concerns, we believe that the pessimistic scenario is more than a factor in stocks that are valued at the lowest level in the past two years,” the analyst noted.

DHT Holdings

Omicron-led demand suppression and high oil prices restricted offshore trade earlier this year, perpetuating a sluggish crude tanker market. However, crude oil tanker DHT Holdings (dhat) is still lucky, thanks to the rise in the spot rent equivalent exchange (TCE) rates for medium-sized carriers.

periodic analyzer Nikesh Chocolate The stock looked bullish in the company’s latest report update, repeating a buy rating for the stock with a target price of $9. “News of political uncertainty in China combined with fears of a possible recession led to some correction in the dhat The stock price has been for the past three weeks, but we expect it to head higher again in Q422 on the back of higher VLCC earnings and strong seasonal demand,” Shukla said. Blogger Opinions and Feelings of DHT Holdings on TipRanks)

A strong balance sheet is another positive thing keeping Shukla bullish on the stock. At the end of the second quarter, DHT’s leverage of 47.3% was well below the peer’s average of 90.5%. The analyst sees improvement in this area over the next two years as the company reduces its debt.

Shukla notice that DHT ‘Total liquidity of $293.9 million, along with relatively low leverage puts the company in a favorable position to steer the business through rough patches in the crude tanker market.

Chocolate holds 989The tenth Ranked among the nearly 8000 analysts followed by TipRanks. In all, 58% of analyst ratings are considered profitable, and each has averaged 11.8% returns over the past 12 months.

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