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The United Kingdom faces the risk of ending its presidency of the United Nations climate talks next month in a state of division and chaos, amid ministerial disagreements over green policy, and confusion over who will attend the conference. Cop27 قمة Peak.

Disagreements over climate policy threaten to hamper the UK’s ability to unite a fragile alliance of developed and developing nations Built at the Cop26 Climate Summit in Glasgow last year. Failure to do so would not only overshadow the UK’s achievements there, but would add more tensions to the already turbulent global climate talks.

Liz Truss has not yet said if she will attend Cop27, which starts in just under a month, but the business secretary, Jacob Rees-Mogg, will go – to the dismay of green groups because it supports fracking, expands oil and gas production, and has Climate science is cast into doubt.

It is also reported that the Prime Minister has King Charles was effectively barred from attending the summitAlthough he was in the former police. Even worse from the point of view of activists, in her speech to the Conservative Party conference on Wednesday, Truss described Environmental groups as part of an “anti-growth coalition” vowed to conquer.

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Although Truss and Rees-Mogg are nominally committed to achieving the UK’s legally binding target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, the target has been received. Little interest in the mini budget And their main policies to alleviate the energy crisis are Fossil fuel expansion.

Alok Sharma Cabinet Minister who presided over the 26th COP summit, had broken ranks to invite King Charles to attend Cop27, as did Climate Secretary Zach Goldsmith. Sharma, who remained neutral during the Conservative Party leadership contest, may struggle to retain a seat in the Truss government after Cop27, when the UK handed over the presidency to Egypt.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government took a very unusual step this week UK warns against ‘backtracking’ on climate commitmentsAnd renewed her invitation to King Charles.

Observers outside were disappointed by this scene. Paul Bledsoe, a former Clinton White House climate adviser now at the Institute for Progressive Policy in Washington, DC, said: Les Truss So far it appears to be taking three steps back and nothing forward regarding the climate. First, Truss tied the hands of King Charles, whose long-standing advocacy of climate has been an inspiration to millions and integral to the progress of UK policy. Second, the Conservatives have introduced a “laissez-faire” budget that will prevent the UK from achieving its net-zero ambitious goals on time. And third, Truss was reluctant to commit to attending Cop27 in Egypt. It is hard to imagine a shameful and disappointing end to the British police presidency.”

Chaos reminds us of Equally wrong, Cop26 has started in the UK. In January 2020, instead of laying out its plans as expected, the government article His initial selection for president, former Conservative Energy Secretary Claire O’NeillOn the eve of the official launch. The chaotic event continued, a bewildered Italian prime minister looked on suspiciously as Boris Johnson stumbled his way through an irrelevant rhetoric about electric taxis, while his aides were behind the scenes Desperate ringing around former Tory leaders who all turned down the president’s job.

“I mean come!” Mary Robinson was angryFormer President of Ireland and twice UN Climate Envoy, speaking on behalf of many. Finally, however, the government has put their plans together Sharma handed over the note, along with his role as business secretary. Soon, the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown delayed Cop26 by a year. But by the time Sharma “No Drama” arrived in Glasgow, he had forged a global alliance of rich and poor nations so powerfully that last minute turmoil Diplomatic success cannot be prevented.

“The way it started was shameful, but as the presidency went on, things got better and people gave a lot of credit to Sharma and Boris Johnson,” said Sean Spears, executive director of the Green Alliance think-tank. “This is an area where the UK has a responsibility for its leadership and a leadership track record. policeman 26 He was very powerful in this regard. It would be terrible to sacrifice that.”

The difference this time around is that Sharma is isolated inside the closet, with little, if any, support. Johnson, as he appeared Absent from most of the lead up to Cop26made a strong impression at the conference and Show a clear green streak as Prime Minister. He oversaw three major pieces of environmental legislation in his brief, which Truss is now incorporating in her crusade against regulation. Sharma starred in getting the prime minister’s support.

“Alok Sharma did a really good job. He determined the landing spots for the deal and pointed the ship towards them. It was much better than most people expected,” said Tom Burke, co-founder of the E3G Green Think Tank.

Cop27 was always going to be a Challenging and challenging peak. At COP26, countries agreed to focus on limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, which is a significant improvement over previous years when emissions cuts were focused on the more dangerous 2C limit. But it ended with unfinished business, as countries’ pledges to cut emissions were insufficient to meet the target. So governments agreed to return in November with improved commitments. In Sharma’s words, a 1.5°C target He was “on life support…his pulse is weak”.

this year, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising energy prices This fragile consensus threatened even more. The UK is not alone in the search for more fossil fuels – Germany has returned, in a secondary and temporary way, to power generation using coal; The United States is pumping more gas. French companies are considering using oil instead of gas. Combined with the geopolitical tensions caused by the Russian invasion, the cost of living, energy and food crises will wreak havoc on the talks.

Whitehall insiders point out that Egypt is responsible for Cop27, yet the former chiefs of successful policemen could play a major role in carrying out their legacy. The French, who worked hard for two years in ‘360 degree diplomacy’, are preparing for Paris Summit 2015She’s spent the years since touring the world promoting climate support. Lorient Fabius, then-French Foreign Minister who dropped the gavel on the Paris Agreement, was treated like a rock star at Cop26, as fans lined up to get his autograph, and We say intervention in the late stages.

Sharma, who was this summer Speak briefly about a potential UN climate roleHe may receive similar treatment in the coming years, as his presidency has been widely praised. But Truss and Reese-Mogg, if they continue as they began, could sound the death knell for the UK’s reputation for climate leadership.

If the green groups were to join the anti-growth coalition, both might be satisfied with the prospect. But Burke warned that it would also be a “betrayal of the British people”, the vast majority of whom – consistently, according to opinion polls – want to see progress on the climate crisis, and who are proud of the UK’s role on the world stage. .

“The British public has really responded to Cop26, the business community has done too, the scientists – there was a real sense that the UK was playing a leading role in the world on an important issue,” Burke said. “Even the Queen in her royal way made it clear that she thought something had to be done. There was a wide feeling that we were thinking [at Cop26] The kind of country we want to be in. This government is now betraying all of that.”

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