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Pittsburgh – Playing close matches has been a staple of the Chicago Cubs this season.

They entered Saturday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates after winning each of their last four games by one round. It was the first time the Cubs had won four consecutive road games in one round since June 17-21, 1989, according to team historian Ed Hartig.

Overall, 85 games for Cubs that are determined by two rounds or less are the most in Major League Baseball ahead of Pirates (83). The Cubs hold a record 39-46 (.459) in those games. They have also played 50 single-course games, being third in the most number of matches.

“We’ve had some chances recently where the other team gave us some gifts to help us out a little bit,” manager David Ross said on Saturday. “It’s something we’re focused on trying to get a little better, but I won’t say anything special (during this stretch). I think these guys are playing really hard to the end and doing some little things to help themselves.”

With 10 games left after their 6-0 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday — one in the Pittsburgh, three against the Philadelphia Phillies and six in a row against the Cincinnati Reds — the Cubs need to go at least 7-3 to avoid losing their 90th season.

Saturday was probably Wade Miley’s last outing with the Cubs this year. Miley came out in the fifth inning tight to the left.

He felt his left rear start to grab as he turned to throw to second base in the fifth inning. A foul resulted in a foul with no one in second and third, leading to the Buccaneers’ fifth turn after Adbert Alzolay replaced Miley.

He only started eight games with the Cubs due to three periods in IL: left elbow inflammation and twice due to tension in the left shoulder. Miley, the post-season free agent, did well when he was healthy, posting a 3.34 ERA in 35 innings.

“I mean, it’s been a frustrating year, no doubt,” Miley said. “But it was also a great learning experience for me and it’s clear that a lot of the young players are going forward, dealing with some failure and having some success.”

As a team, the Cubs haven’t had much to play for in a while, but there are still a few individual performances worth pursuing over the last 1½ weeks.

An injury to his left finger has crippled Patrick Wisdom since late August, affecting his ability to strike after costing him 14 games on the injured list.

But, having had huge success at home in two of his last three matches heading into Saturday, Wisdom is trying to finish the match strong. He’s off 25 homeowners this season, setting a junior franchise record of 28 in 2021.

If Wisdom connects with one more Homer, he will become the fourth baseman in Cubs to score multiple seasons of 25 Homer, joining Ron Santo (eight times), Aramis Ramírez (seven) and Kris Bryant (four). He almost went deep on Saturday. PNC Park kept his 374-foot jet to left field in the sixth inning, which would be a home run on 28 of 30 golf courses.

“Swinging on good pitches, controlling my swing — I do a lot of swings which is probably the max effort there sometimes, so I tell myself to redesign a little and not swing too hard,” Wisdom said Friday after introducing himself. “So these are the good ones, and the bad ones I’m rocking hard. I don’t know if that makes up for my skepticism.”

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The schedule started working against the catcher and the shortstop.

Both players have been hoping to return before the season ends due to their injuries. Horner (right triceps strain) tossed the ball on the court before Saturday’s game for the second time in the series, while Contreras (sprained left ankle) again did batting drills on Saturday after testing his ankle hard on the rules on Friday, including Courses that were not good for him. previous attempt.

For Contreras, the Cubs’ next six-game home represents the last time he’s played in front of a home crowd at Wrigley Stadium. While he already endured feelings and farewells during the last home games leading up to the trade deadline, this will likely feel more definitive as Contreras, the impending free agent, heads out of the season. A return sometime next week will provide another opportunity for the world champions to honor the cheers of the Cubs fans.

Horner has no clue that he will be back before the end of the season besides gaining more hits and experience. His all-around play has made him one of the Cubs’ most consistent players this year, especially when taking his value into account with his outstanding defense in a short span. It has proven to be worth building around it.

The Cubs set a league record last season when they used 69 players, and are on the cusp of setting a new field-side mark.

During Friday’s game, the Cubs used 42 bowlers, including three center players. That’s more than ever in a season by any major league team, matching the 2019 Mariners, 2021 Orioles and 2021 Mets.

Had Monday’s 10-3 loss to the Miami Marlins got out of hand, Ross would have switched to the bowler and considered hiring first baseman Alfonso Rivas if the situation had arisen. Rivas appeared in 28 games during his first two seasons at the University of Arizona, scoring 9.20 ERAs in 29 minutes. He could be the guy if the cubs were part of a blast game in the last 10 games.

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