What’s the deal for this USMNT guy: Aaron Long

you welcome in What is this USMNT guy’s deal?a regular series in which the Defector picks a name from the countless hot young American soccer players who play in Europe and answers the question: What’s this guy’s USMNT deal with?

The United States men’s team finished the roster of play-offs before the World Cup, and the mood within the fan base is sour and opposite. Playing against Japan, a good team, and Saudi Arabia, a bad team, the United States managed two shots on goal, losing 2-0, and It somehow looked worse Which their diminutive streak might indicate. Gregg Berhalter’s USMNT not yet received The first meaningful testHowever, even against two non-elite national teams, the shortcomings of the United States, the limits of the team, and its organization were clear to worry about. If the USMNT can’t even score a single goal in 180 minutes against them, by World Cup standards, what will happen to these poor bastards when they have to face Harry Kane and Gareth Bale in the World Cup group stage?

If one were to look for a silver lining, the hack lineup would be the place to start. Several key players – Christian Pulisic, Gio Reina and Serginho Dest – don’t play much with their clubs, and look alarmingly rusty. At least three key players came out, among them Younes Moussa, who is beginning to look like one of the most important players in the team due to his ability to build possession and attack through pressure. Two of these missing starters play along the backline in a unit that without them seems unprepared to control the ball, build possession or even defend in space. Berhalterball is all about attacking with the defenders and delegating the central defender to play balls into the spaces and slowly progress down the field. Without Antonee Robinson to provide the show, and with the pairing of a hacked centre-back, the team’s entire way of playing is unraveling. This means that USMNT man Aaron Long this week should never see the field again for the U.S.

Aaron Long plays for the New York Red Bulls, an energy drink brand, and plays football outside the three-state region in the second-best league in North America. After three years playing second-division football, Long broke into the NYRB first team in 2017, at the age of 25, completing a frankly stunning rise. He played for four years of college ball and remained poor as a potential midfield player within the Sounders and Timbers systems. He imagined himself Like Brad Evans, someone who can help a team anywhere from the defensive midfield to anywhere in the backline. Long never found a foothold in the Northwest, and despite persuading Jesse Marsh to switch positions and move to center back, he began to crush her. In 2018, he was named the NBA’s Best Defender, with the Red Bulls allowing only 33 goals in a fan shield winning season. European teams and USMNT soon began calling. Long’s sport, size and passing in theory at midfield level made him an attractive prospect, West Ham About to buy it in 2020.

Then it all collapsed. Tawil ruptured his Achilles tendon in 2021, forcing him out for a year. Ironically, he never made his way back into the national team photo after Miles Robinson also tore his Achilles tendon. The latest six USMNT games have long been launched.

The Weston McKennie Mamma Mia Test suggests the following foolproof inference to determine whether an American player is good or not according to our rosy American standards: Do fans gently tweet about them in their local language?

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The fully realized theoretical version of Long is a ball-playing sports center back. This Long is good in the air, comfortable with the ball at his feet, and fast enough to get the ball back into space. However, Long after the injury is not quite the same as the player. It’s a touch slower, making him local accidents More expensive. At the MLS level, neo-Long is still a good defender – he made an All-Star squad this summer – but it’s becoming clear that he is below his rivals in the American player pool. Berhalter wants his central defender to start attacks, and Long gifted the ball in his own half which he felt 1,000 times against Japan and Saudi Arabia. He loves running into midfield to break an attack or lead the ball, and although he tends to pick the right points and this whole thing works in MLS, again, he won’t be able to get away with that against England, Wales and Iran.

I’ve been mean to Long here, so I’ll say: He has the best hair on the team.

The Wonderteen Index is a comprehensive, objective measure that analyzes a player’s full range of skills and talents, summarizing them all into a single number that corresponds to their ultimate potential and probability of being named Wonderteen.

Long is about to turn 30, plays center back, and is cut down like five other defenses in the USMNT player pool, so he gets 2 of 503. I must stress here, after being so rude to Long, that it’s more to do with the unlucky injury he’s had than with his quality as a player. Before suffering the worst possible injury any athlete could suffer, Long was the best defender in Major League Soccer and had some good games with the national team. So far, he is the captain of the Red Bulls for a reason and he deserves all the stars. If the USMNT is playing, like, the Montreal Impact, I’d be very happy with the long start. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The European American wire is totally ridiculous with its right back, Enough to store a full eleven. It is therefore important to determine whether or not a USMNT worker of the week can play the position.

Although he has played a number of positions throughout his career, oddly enough, he hasn’t played much at right-back. He plays with his right foot, he plays in the back, and If you combine these two adjectives, you will return immediately.

He’s a passing center back and can’t pass like the rest of his squad, but somehow he’s carving out a place as a third-choice center back. I don’t know the guy, maybe Greg Berhalter should rate the players based on their current performance and not remember who was well the last time he coached in MLS. John Brooks died for this guy! John Brooks is good, and also younger!

Greg Berhalter clearly loves and trusts Aaron Long over both younger players who are better than him (Cameron Carter Vickers, Eric Palmer Brown, Mark McKenzie) and older players who are better than him (Brooks, Tim Ream). I think the silver lining is that the healthy Chris Richards still got the starting job alongside Walker Zimmerman, so the fully aware USMNT doesn’t have Aaron Long in it. However, I don’t trust Berhalter enough to believe he won’t play Long at some point in Qatar, despite the aforementioned flaws.

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