WNY’s Internet Options Expand, What to Know Before You Make the Switch

Buffalo, New York (WKBW) – For years, WNY had only one choice when it came to the internet, but those days seem to be ending.

“It’s limited,” said Robert Barr, who has lived in Elmwood Village in Buffalo for 30 years. “I’d like to see anything at high speed, anything fibre, anything better than what we have.”

Barr, like many of us pay for Spectrum Internet services. It tells 7 News for $90 a month, gets 200Mbps and experiences interruptions and slow speeds when watching TV or downloading from home.

Spectrum provides Internet via cable lines, but more recently, more fiber-optic options have appeared in WNY neighborhoods such as Verizon Fios and Greenlight Networks, a Rochester-based company.

“At Buffalo, we are building a new fiber optic network,” said Michael Sedwick, Vice President of Marketing for Greenlight. “We all encounter this caching code on our TVs, on our computers, and it doesn’t happen with fiber.”

What do you need to know before switching to fiber?

You’ll pay less in WNY for fiber-optic options when it comes to 500Mbps speeds, with Verizon FiOS offering the lowest prices. Greenlight gets more expensive as you get to faster speeds, but he tells 7News that they’ve never changed their pricing in the company’s history.

Domain Verizon Fuse green light nets
500 Mbps $69 / month $45 per month ($0 installation fee) $50 per month ($100 installation fee)
1 GB $89 $65 $100 dollars

Greenlight also has an affordable calling program, which gives eligible customers a $30 credit. Spectrum has a similar discount, with up to $30 per month on internet for eligible families.

Let’s talk about coverage. You can find Spectrum services just about anywhere in WNY, with more refined options as you enter the Southern tier.

Verizon FiOS is not available in Buffalo, but it is found in most North and South cities such as Amherst, Hamburg, Tonawanda Town, and West Seneca.

Greenlight is currently an option in parts of the Cheektowaga Towers, Buffalo’s West Side, and Buffalo’s Elmwood Village areas. Greenlight reps tell 7 News they will Not Building where Verizon FiOs really is an option.

“Greenlight is a residential provider, so if there are some areas that have high commercial areas they usually have good internet, but our focus is more on the homeowners,” Sedwick said.

Greenlight Coverage Map

Verizon FiOS Coverage Map

Frequency Spectrum Coverage Map


If you’re looking to stop caching and download faster, fiber is faster than cable, up to 10-20 times faster, According to HP.

The future of Internet options in New York State

Where there was only cable internet, options seem to be on their way. Erie County is building ErieNet, which now has an existing board of directors.

“This is an important step as we move forward with the development and launch of approximately 400 miles of new broadband infrastructure in Erie County,” said Erie County Executive Director Mark Polonkars.

A spokesperson for the city of Buffalo told 7 News that they are working with any party that wants to bring broadband to the city.

Recently, a company called Niacom started with Town of Clarence, which actually lives in areas close to Transit Rd.

“Niacom, headquartered in Clarence, has partnered with Town of Clarence to provide its residents with the high-speed fiber they deserve and have been waiting for…a super-fast and highly reliable fiber network to connect homes and businesses across the county,” said Niacom CEO Niacom Niacom.

If you have questions about Greenlight, they will be at the Cheektowaga Hub meeting on October 18 and will have a pop-up at Colonial Circle on October 26.

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