Yes Yes Yes Review of “Cool It Down”

These first three albums, which all arrived spaced out over a decade, have gone in so many different directions that Yeah Yeahs never had a fixed identity. This worked for them. the scientist wanted To see this band operate on a gut feeling, flying from one sound to another in a state of drunkenness and delirious conditions. Bands from the early YYYs era – and there have been too much Of them – it never seemed to last. The YYYs stuck because they did the wrong things at the right times and because their perverted instincts resulted in so many great songs. When they terminated their contract with Interscope mosquito For nearly a decade now, the band seemed newly mature and a bit stagnant. I wonder if they realized – if that’s why they made the album that adorable cover art. It’s hard to accuse anyone of settling into musical middle age when your album sounds like who – which.

In the decade since their last album, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs band has fidgeted and, through no fault of their own, has become a nostalgia for the past. The New York rock moment at the turn of the millennium that gave birth to the band became fodder for books and documentaries. It has gone down in history as the last moment when masterful guitar and rock bands had any theoretical influence on the prevailing zeitgeist, even if it was actual Those bands’ predominant influence was almost accidental, like the time YYY accidentally inspired “Since U Gone.” These days there are entire festivals dedicated to nostalgia and rock music, and YYYs know it, because they did Under the title of at least one of them. So how does the ensemble of pantsuits react to becoming an object of everyday memories? I think this band makes cool it.

I don’t hear that old worry at work cool itYeah Yeah Yeahs’ first album in nine years, but I hear some Kind of fidgeting at work. cool itSuch as mosquito Before him, it has bits and pieces from YYY’s first three albums in it. There’s nothing wrong with Karen O’s empathic howl, and some musical decisions cool it Can be traced back to the sounds of those old records. YYYs work with familiar collaborators, and contemporary TV On The Radio producer and longtime producer David Andrew Sitek in particular casts a huge shadow of cool it. (Sitek has songwriting credits for four of the eight songs featured on cool it, which is more than true YYYs drummer Brian Chase.) But the YYYs are no longer able to conjure up the choppy, beer-fueled energy of their early days. It kind of seems like they’re missing it.

Karen O hasn’t lost any of her mic presence in the past nine years. Karen can sing, but her presence matters much more than any pure vocal ability. It lends tremendous character to every squawk, buzzer, and chirp. One of the real issues with smash songs, the simple solo and solo album Karen released in 2014, is that he didn’t take advantage of all that character. on me cool itWe get it all. This time, though, there’s a funny interruption going on. Karen sings a lot about nature and brutality. You wouldn’t fight a battle without imagination, wilderness became her addiction. (Karen’s words are so funny.) But while she evokes the basic urgency of the natural world, Karen herself seems much older and more tender. As a result, all this talk of wilderness takes on a sense of nostalgia—or perhaps nostalgia.

In the same way, the group really shines cool it, but she swings in quiet, mostly professional ways. Nick Zener once played the guitar like a child mad scientist who blew out beakers in his lab. Here, it is all texture. There might be more synths than guitars cool itOr maybe I’m confused because guitars often look like synths. Anyway, Karen’s vocals should bring all the explosive urgency because the music mostly sticks to the same groove. It’s a very cool groove, a psychedelic fit not much different from Perfume Genius, guest on the album’s opening song”Spitting from the edge of the world“Recently. But the YYYs aren’t doing anything amazing musically cool itAnd, frankly, I don’t think they’re really trying.

Fortunately for them, the YYYs don’t do anything easy on me cool it. The songs often veer away from the verse’s chorus structure, Karen’s lyrics hit the beat images of poetry, and never worry about sounding an idiot. Karen has always made herself vulnerable even when her words were mostly jokes about vulgar fucks and art stars, and she has streaks on cool it She would never have said it out loud if she was worried about becoming the target of attack: “I watched my favorite show tonight / The dance of the light on the surface of the ever-changing sea.” Now, though, YYYs are making the same kinds of skewed decisions they’ve made before. It’s amazing to hear them come back in this new context, when their lives and the lives of the world have changed so much since we last heard them, but you don’t have to look at yes yes to radical creativity these days. Really, that wouldn’t be fair. They’ve been a band for over 20 years. It is enough just to hear them do some version of their work again.

This is what he does in the end cool it work. Yeah Yeah Yeahs look like them, and that’s a good thing. We can hear them reconnect and find out what the adult and middle-aged version of YYY must have been. Sometimes that means reconnecting themselves with their old favorites, quoting and interpolating bits of songs from ESG and the Four Seasons. Sometimes that means bringing in former Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark to play consoles or relying on their old friend Dave Sitek for beautifully tidy stuff. Sometimes that means coming out with majestic grooves larger than life – big, big sounds that twinkle and reverberate.

since then mosquitoYYYs have been regrouped multiple times to run shows. I wonder if they think of themselves as a living business these days. songs cool it It has to sound great on sound systems in large venues, with a fantasy light show erupting throughout the band, while Karen O takes on her entire journey of a shamanic superhero. The real test of any old act is whether the new songs are bathroom-breaking material when the band plays live. songs cool it Not a bathroom breaker.

but songs cool it Your favorite songs are not likely to become yes yes yes too. finally, cool it It’s a confident, sharp new record from a band that never really needed to set a new record. The YYYs legacy is safe, so a good new album is just a bonus. cool it It’s a very good new album from a band that has made two great albums. The new record isn’t the unbridled Roman candle this band was once able to make, but no one can hold that feeling forever, and many people have tore themselves apart trying. The YYYs have kept their bullshit together, which is more than I can say for most bands that came from their time and place. That’s good enough. I’ll take it.

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